Lucy Meyle


Various Sources


An image-based open research document.

The publication is disseminated for free, originally in the semi-public transitory zone of the Auckland University of Technology WM building foyer (next to the elevators, in a custom-yellow wire display stand), and for all of February 2017 Various Sources was hosted by a different inner-city convenience store every week. Older issues of the publication are archived underneath the newest issue, so that newcomers or visitors to the building can ‘catch up on their reading’, as if there could ever be such a thing, or that this would be useful in any way.

Printed on a single folded sheet of A3, with source captions on the reverse side, there are never more than 15 images per issue. An arbitrarily limited version of Google Image Search, Various Sources broadcasts a collection of images that would never appear together via ‘normal’ keyword searching, although they are identifiably related as a satisfying group of images that either appear similar or are in relation to a conceptual theme. Various Sources functions like a research document that includes images from well-traversed sites like Instagram, Tumblr, and MoMA’s website, to less-traffic areas like packaging companies’ digital catalogues.

High resolution, meaningfulness, reliable or academic sourcing, are situated side by side with silliness, The Daily Mail, and low-quality pixilation. Various Sources is a public exercise in feeling out the facets of an idea, how a string of words can be descriptive of very different things, in many different ways. Various Sources’ availability and consistent structure (images on one side, caption list alphabetised on the reverse), also makes trouble for the hierarchical differences (text over image, good quality over bad quality, academic over colloquial) that still seem to exist, even in practice-based research projects. 

Copies of each issue can be viewed or downloaded here